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How to wash linen bed sheets so they stay soft and fresh

How often should you wash linen bed sheets? And should you wash new sheets? How can you soften your linen? And what cycle serves them best? If you have a linen-related question, Max Linen is sure to have the answer.

So you’ve bagged yourself a dreamy new set of luxe linen bed sheets, and now you want to know how to keep them soft, spotless and perfect for curling up in. Max Linen will take you through all the info you need to know to prep the comfiest bed for your most refreshing sleep yet.

Should you wash new linen bed sheets before using them?

Max Linen stonewashes all of its bedroom and nursery sheets with volcanic rocks before sending them to your doorstep, so they should arrive buttery soft and ready to use. While washing your sheets at home before the first use comes down to personal preference, the Max Linen team does recommend it.

How do you wash linen bed sheets?

Linen sheets are relatively easy to care for and should stay soft and cosy for many years to come, provided you follow the care instructions on your product label. Max recommends using a eucalyptus-based detergent on your linen sheets as this will be gentler on your bedded beauties compared to other harsher detergents. 

If you’re using a top loader washing machine, wait until the detergent is fully diluted before adding your sheets to prevent any undiluted detergent from staining your linen. Select a warm, gentle machine wash (40 degrees) and don’t overfill your machine. Always wash on a full cycle with a full rinse to help wash off the detergent and prevent any chemicals from building up on the fibres.

Can linen sheets be bleached?

Do not use bleach or optical brighteners on your pure linen products as they are too harsh and will damage the fibres.

Should you use fabric softener on linen sheets?

Once again, no to extra products. Think of your linen sheets like that low-maintenance friend who is always there for you with open arms, no fancy props required. 

Can linen sheets go in the dryer?

It’s important to always follow the instructions on your care label for tumble drying. Line drying is recommended for best results, but in cases where this isn't possible, a low-temperature tumble dry is ok. If you can, only tumble dry until your sheets are 95% dry, and then air dry for the remaining 5%. Ensure your sheets are completely dry before packing away in the cupboard. 

How often should you wash linen sheets?

Keep your sheets looking their beautiful best by swapping them for a fresh set every week. No need to worry about over-washing, as your sheets will only become softer and comfier with additional wear and washing. 

How can you soften linen sheets?

If your linen feels slightly rough or scratchy, simply allow this natural fibre to work its magic and soften over time with repeated wear and washing.

How do you remove wrinkles from linen?

One of the best qualities of linen is not having to iron it at all! Enjoy one less thing on the to-do list and embrace the organic look by styling your sheets to show off their natural creases. However, if you’re really set on the super smooth look, use a clean iron on the Linen or Cotton setting to bust out those wrinkles. 

Max Linen fast facts

- Max Linen is 100% pure linen and isn’t blended with any other fabric type.
- While linen doesn’t have a thread count, Max Linen products are a luxe 165–170gsm, which is a divinely cosy weight for bedding. 

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