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Best 7 apps to make your life easier in 2022

We know you could all do with life being a little easier and lighter right now. Let these apps share the load and make your everyday a heck of a lot simpler. From clearing out your clutter to lending an understanding ear, delegate the not-so-fun stuff to these handy little fellas and spend more time on what really matters.

Cozi Family Organiser
Sick of being the one to remember everything in your house? Or the main supermarket shopper because “you're the one who knows what everyone needs”? This app is going to change your life. Cozi keeps track of everyone’s schedules with a shared calendar, sets reminders for anyone in the family, shares any lists you create like grocery or holiday packing lists, as well as organises the family’s favourite recipes. Excuses, be gone.

Whether it’s about the annoyingly loud talker in the office or your opinionated mother-in-law, we all need a hearty vent every now and then. Sometimes there are things better left unsaid between friends and family, so if an anonymous rant in a supportive community is what you need – then VENT can provide. Emotion categories include Surprise, Fear, Sadness, Anger, Happiness and Affection, so you can log in and get the validation you need at any hour of the day. Cue a furious typing session from bed at 3am.

Not sure about you, but the number of open tabs on our phone’s Safari browser is reaching the point of ridiculous. That parenting advice on how to get your kids to listen, the feature article on how to attain better sleep and the recipe for making palatable oat milk are all going to be read one day, when you get 5 minutes to yourself… Instapaper allows you to save all those web pages in one handy app and read them later in a format optimised for your particular device. 

If you’re anything like us, every spare shelf and drawer in your home is crammed with hundreds of drawings, paintings and strange craft creations by your kids – from the impressive to the ‘works in progress’. Keepy helps you to organise and save all of your kids’ drawings, paintings, schoolwork and photos, while also allowing you or your child to record an audio of the story behind the keepsake, and invite friends and family (doting grandparents, we’re looking at you) to see the pics and leave text, voice and video comments on each piece.

The mental load of being a human in the modern world is heavy. Add a couple of kids, a career, a mortgage, bills, and friends and family members with their own milestones we’re also supposed to remember – and it’s no surprise we forgot our friend’s kid’s birthday or an object starting with S in the prep schoolbag. Todoist aims to get all of the to-do lists out of your head and into one streamlined app, freeing up time for what really matters. You can set recurring tasks, add priority levels, share your tasks with others, saves emails as tasks and more.

Gemini Photos
How many times have you scrolled through your camera roll to find a particular photo, and ended up quitting because the sheer number of photos in there is overwhelming? The 50 identical photos trying to nail the right angle at your last girls’ lunch or the 250 shots of your kid playing in the same patch of sand probably didn’t help. Gemini Photos helps you to clear up your photo library with far less pain than doing it manually yourself. It can collate similar snaps and suggest the best one to keep, and find all the blurry photos, old screenshots and useless pics for you to delete out of your life.

If This, Then That (IFTTT) joins all of your favourite apps to automate a great deal of tasks you didn’t even realise you were wasting your time doing. From sharing your latest post across all your social media channels to using location to prompt your Spotify playlist or getting a daily email with the weather report, you can select from a huge range of pre-built automations or even build your own.

Photo by Mia Baker on Unsplash.
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