Quality Pure Europen Linen

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Nursery collection is a soft pallet of essential neutral colours, stone washed and buttery soft for sleeping.Our beautiful timeless collection has been hand crafted to give you most restful night sleep. We have curated a collection you will love for many years to come.

What is different about us?

Recently we have had a HUGE overhaul at Max Linen headquarters. We have been working incredibly hard to re think the way we have been structuring our business to support our customers better. We have decided to only sell directly to our loyal customers, removing our wholesale model completely. This now allows us to push the discounts on to you, our valued customer. We are so proud to now offer accessible prices directly from our manufactures to you.

Max Linen was co founded by two friends and also mothers Elle and Hatun. Between these two families they have 5 daughters and are passionate about sleep and creating the most desirable environment for their babies to rest at an affordable price and without compromising on quality. Our linen was created out of our desire to share the beauty and benefits of stonewashed 100% European flax linen. We also found it extremely difficult to find exceptional quality linen for our babies in a soft neutral colour palette to mix and match at a price point that is achievable for the average family. Understanding the incredible benefits of linen; hypoallergenic, antibacterial, breathable and highly sustainable, of course we wanted to snuggle every man, woman and baby wrapped up in this delicious and snuggly soft fabric. Enjoy your shopping experience with us, don't forget to bundle and save.  


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